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Milliman is an expert in European bancassurance, offering a sophisticated understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of this specialized distribution channel. Our Swiss team understands the nuances of how bancassurance activities are conducted in various European countries and offers insight into the best practice models.

We assist companies in the following areas:

Mergers and acquisitions: Milliman offers guidance throughout the bancassurance M&(A) process, including due diligence, valuation, negotiation assistance, and analysis of potential synergies.

Structure of bancassurance operations: We excel at analysing the various models under which bancassurance operates, helping financial institutions understand their local markets and regulatory considerations, and guiding them to their best option.

Negotiation of distribution agreements: Milliman consultants guide clients through the delicate process of creating successful relationships between an insurance company and its bancassurance distribution partners.

Systems and processes: We assist banks in identifying and implementing the most effective integrated systems and processes for bancassurance in their markets.

Benchmarking commercial and operational performance: Our consultants have the industry experience to provide comparative analysis of bancassurance operational and commercial performance, pointing the way to areas for possible improvement.

Product strategy and product development: Our Swiss team's bancassurance expertise enables us to offer insightful guidance into what products are most effectively sold through this channel.

In a complex arena such as bancassurance, our in-depth understanding of European bancassurance and our independent outlook are particularly valued assets. Our Swiss team works closely with Milliman's large network of expert consultants, who have experience in the most sophisticated European bancassurance markets.