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2018 IFRS Preparedness Survey01 July 2019 - By William Smith and Jennifer Strickland and Edward Morgan and Marcin Krzykowski - Article

In 2018, Milliman conducted a global survey to measure the preparedness of insurers and reinsurers for the new international accounting standard, International Financial Reporting Standard 17.

A valuation methodology for M&A transactions13 April 2017 - By Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article

The Solvency II Appraisal Value provides a workable methodology for use in M&A transactions, which is aligned with the way that investors generally view potential target companies.

S2AV: A valuation methodology for insurance companies under Solvency II21 November 2016 - By Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article

This paper discusses some of the challenges in valuing insurance companies under the Solvency II framework and proposes a possible valuation methodology to meet the needs of potential investors with a certain perspective in mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Dynamic Policyholder Behaviour and Management Actions Survey Report03 October 2013 - By Dominic Clark and Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article

Survey results presenting current practices for modeling dynamic policyholder behavior and management actions in Europe, the US, and Japan.

Dynamic Management Actions06 March 2012 - By Dominic Clark and Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article
How modeling DMA is a crucial link between Pillar I and Pillar II of Solvency II.Impact of realistic reporting and risk-based capital requirements on life product design26 May 2010 - By Scott C. Mitchell and Edward Morgan - Article
Dynamic policyholder behaviour presentation in Zürich03 March 2010 - By Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article
Dynamic policyholder behaviour survey01 December 2009 - By Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article
Milliman survey examines European life insurers' use of dynamic policyholder behavior modeling.Dynamic asset liability management01 November 2009 - By Aldo Balestreri and Edward Morgan and Jeremy Kent - Article
Implications for insurers of Solvency II01 June 2007 - By Edward Morgan and Gary Wells - Article

The move from the formulaic Solvency I system to the realistic and risk based Solvency II system is one of the most fundamental changes to take place in European insurance in the past 20 years. It will bring significant new

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